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If two heads are better than one, how successful could you be if you had the life and career experience of  6 other women?

Each women is in your court cheering and supporting you as you grow, learn and reach your full potential. Be apart of  a support team working on your behalf  who abide by confidentiality and commitment to the group.

Women from all over the country, with different stories, experiences and challenges commit to one hour each week to meet virtually.

Self-Discovery Groups

How Does This Work?

Two Different Groups

1. Self-Discovery Group (Based on the book)

2. Fly Like an Eagle Today Group (Master Mind)

Length: 8 weeks; groups may decide to run longer

Rate:$97 weekly rate = $776; up front $460 or 2 prior payments of $280 = $560

Sign: Statement of commitment of time, confidentiality and resources

Each group is made up of one Life Coach, Marshie Morgan, and 6 other women that are looking for success, accountability and self-discovery. Each will sign a statement of commitment of time, resources and confidentiality.

Sessions are one hour every week for 8 weeks total.  The first session is a ‘get to know you’ session and the last session is a virtual party.

The group meets virtually, so that we can have participants from all over the country.  Each session, there will be one person ‘featured’. They will present their challenge or issue for the week.  Then each other member will have a few minutes to give personal or professional examples of how they may have experienced that same situation and offer suggestions on what worked for them.

After everyone has had a chance to share their experience, the Life Coach will ask or assign an exercise/task for the featured person to accomplish by the following session.

On that next visit, the previous featured person will share how they accomplished their task or goal.  Then another person will be featured until everyone has a turn to be featured.

Why Self-Discovery Groups?